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Security is the prime concern of the Star Espresso Machine online shop. Security policies, however, are (ironically) often a good place to start for those wishing to 'disrupt' a website. Technical specifics are therefore not disclosed. If you are particularly worried about specific issues with regards to security, please don't hesitate to contact us directly.

  • Servers - The Star Espresso Machine website is served from dedicated servers based in the UK. Money is often saved using shared servers - which relies on all other sites on your server being equally secure. The Star Espresso Machine website is served from bespoke servers, allowing for the highest level of security control.
  • Submiting Data - Whenever you give or read personal information, it will be via a secure, encrypted connection. All information passed over the internet is passed through many, many gateway computers. This information can be collected and viewed at any of these gateways. Encryption ensures that if this happens, it will be un-intelligable.
  • Storing Data - Your personal account data is stored in a protected database, but no Credit Card, Debit Card or bank account details are stored on our servers.
  • Cookies - Your Privacy and Security are Star Espresso Machines primary concern during your online shopping experience. Cookies allow us to perform numerous checks at every stage of this process, to ensure that your personal data is safe and isn't being viewed by third-parties. For this reason, Cookies must be enabled to purchase online at this shop.

    All Cookies and any data contained within them are immediately destroyed upon closing your browser..

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